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Heating and Air Conditioning A properly tuned furnace can provide reliable cost effective heating. A poorly serviced heating system can make fuel costs rise and efficiency drop.
Air conditioning is becoming more popular as our summers seem to be getting hotter and longer. The condensing unit that is outside needs to be cleaned and washed out at least once during the summer. With the presence of cottonwood cotton or other airborne debris the coils can become clogged and reduce the cooling benefits significantly. This also applies to the evaporative coil mounted at the furnace. Dirty components spell poor efficiency.

General Plumbing covers a wide range of factors in the home or business. Most people don't even notice plumbing until it doesn't work. From leaking faucets to replacement of fixtures, we have the parts and experience to handle any plumbing problems.

Drain Cleaning / Sewer Rooting can be one of the most important maintenance issues to be aware of. Slow drains can be the start of other more serious problems. If you notice that more than one drain is not draining properly it could be the result of a downstream clog. This could be caused by roots finding their way into joints of the sewer line or even a low spot in the line. Left unattended to these clogs can cause sewer backups and even flooding of basements. With proper maintenance a lot of this can be avoided.

Jet and Camera is one of the best ways to assure that your sewer line is in good condition. The high-pressure water jet will clean the line and blast out any debris so the camera can view the interior of the sewer line. Any roots, breaks in line or low spots will appear on the video. This will allow you to make repairs if needed or be assured that the line is in good condition.

Locating the problem with an electronic radio signal attached to the camera can pinpoint the bad spots so they can be repaired with precise accuracy. This can minimize damage to your property if excavating is the only option.

Sewer and Water Line Repair and Replacement can sometimes be the only alternative when leaks in water lines or damaged or plugged sewer lines are found.
In many cases it is necessary to dig up the sewer or water line to make repairs. On a sewer line that has collapsed or roots have infiltrated it severely, total replacement would probably be necessary. On the other hand, sometimes if cleanouts are installed the roots or clogs can be removed by rodding or jetting.
Old galvanized water lines are more often replaced than repaired. Not only does galvanized pipe corrode from the outside, but also it will corrode shut from the inside. This results in little or no water pressure or volume. If a repair is attempted, it is very likely that another leak will appear in another location. Type K-copper is the best replacement.

Excavation Qualified personnel should do excavation for any reason. The presence of underground utilities is a growing concern and something that should be addressed properly. Utility locates should always be done before excavation, trenching or digging of any kind. If utilities are cut or damaged it can not only be costly but it can be life threatening. Underground electric or gas lines are easily cut.

Water Heater Replacement and Installation Someone who is familiar with venting, gas piping and combustion air should replace and install water heaters. Although many people could probably install a water heater, a licensed plumber can install and make sure that it is a safe appliance to use. State and local codes specify certain criteria that need to be followed to insure the safety and proper operation of the system. Improper installation can result in possible fire, carbon monoxide poisoning or explosion of the tank.  We also install Rinnai tankless water heaters, which are far less expensive to use. Conventional Water Heaters

Gas Piping is definitely something that should be installed by professionals. A licensed plumber has the skill and knowledge to install a leak free and safe gas system. With the latest gas detecting equipment even the slightest leak can be detected. Our plumbers are also certified in 1 or more types of the new stainless steel continuous gas piping. This eliminates numerous joints and possible leakage.

Sump Pump Installation, Replacement and Repair is one of our most important services with the spring and summer rains.  Lift Stations can become clogged or the float can stick if they are not inspected and serviced on a regular basis. You won't know it's not working until things start backing up.

Preventative Maintenance for all plumbing drains, faucets, traps, and fixtures can save money and frustration if they are serviced before they start to fail.
Furnaces, boilers and air conditioners can run efficiently if they are serviced and oiled at least once a year. A clean smooth running unit will provide comfort and efficiency when it is most needed if good maintenance is provided. A dirty furnace can lose up to 50% of its efficiency.